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Questions that EoCoE addresses include:

  • What role can modelling and simulation play to boost the use of carbon-free energy sources and help to reach the targets agreed at the COP21 climate conference?
  • How can we effectively foster and exploit simulation science for sustainable energy production?
  • Can the production of energy from solar and wind farms be further optimized?
  • Can HPC be leveraged to accelerate the design and deployment of supercapacitors in energy storage solutions?
  • How can Exascale computing help to achieve energy break-even in future nuclear fusion reactors?
  • Can more accurate modelling of complex surface and sub-surface flows enhance hydropower and geothermal schemes?

This page provides links to the main publications of EoCoE with highlights of the progress achieved by EoCoE in this field via a newsletter, press releases since its launch in October 2015. Documents related to training material or thematic workshops are available via the page ‘Events' for each specific event.


EoCoE Service page advertised on PRACE Website

The EoCoE services webpage has been promoted on PRACE website for the Prace User Community. 

See the following PRACE News here

HPC Summit EoCoE Workshop

HPC for renewable energies: new programming models and strategies for the emerging exascale architectures

The workshop with the title HPC for renewable energies: new programming models and strategies for the emerging exascale architectures took place Tuesday, May 16th, as part of the European HPC Summit Week 2017 in Barcelona. 
The workshop had 54 registrants, of which about 30-40 actually turned up. 

Barcelona (BSC) Evaluation workshop

3 days work for a codes evaluation workshop

In a joint effort, the two centres of excellence EoCoE and PoP have once again hold a hands-on workshop on HPC benchmarking and performance analysis. It is the third event of its kind and has been held at BSC in Barcelona and has been supported by the French and the Spanish PATCs.

Jülich Face to Face Bi-annual EoCoE project meeting

2 days' productive discussions between all the project members.
This was the 4th biannual face-to-face meeting of the Energy oriented Centre of Excellence in computing applications EoCoE.  After previous events in Saclay, Poznan and Rome, this one was held at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre and was a successful and very productive meeting.
60 people came to Jülich to prepare for the mid-term review of the project planned in June.  Participants from institutes across the entire consortium were able to take stock of progress made both within their own energy pillars as well as in neighboring fields, and in particular to streng

25th VI-HPS Tuning Workshop

The 25th Tuning Workshop is organized by JSC through the VI-HPS for the German PRACE Advanced Training Centre  and will take place on the 27th to 31st of March at RWTH Aachen University.


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EoCoE is a European Horizon 2020 funded project of Centre of Excellence in computing applications. It is designed to enhance numerical simulation efficiency in the international context of the High Performance Computing (HPC) challenges. It focusses its application scope towards low carbon energy domains.

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