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Evaluation Workshop

In a joint effort, the two centres of excellence EoCoE and PoP will once again hold a hands-on workshop on HPC benchmarking and performance analysis. It is the third event of its kind and will be held at BSC in Barcelona and is supported by the French PATC and the Spanish PATC.

Improving again an already proven concept, it has brought together 17 experts from topical fields in energy research and  tools and 11 experts from HPC science in order to tackle the transition of current R&D codes and applications towards exascale.

The EoCoE performance analysis methodology has once again passed a new level of maturity. Experts from topical fields could really learn how to use advanced performance evaluation tools, get insight of the performance bottlenecks of their applications and bring back home JUBE based benchmarking tool to repeat, in a reproducible manner, this analysis on future optimised versions of their code.


EoCoE is a European Horizon 2020 funded project of Centre of Excellence in computing applications. It is designed to enhance numerical simulation efficiency in the international context of the High Performance Computing (HPC) challenges. It focusses its application scope towards low carbon energy domains.

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