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High Performance Computing (HPC) and open platforms for energy technology modelling

Computational modelling plays a crucial role in the design of devices for efficient low cost energy generation and storage from fundamental understanding to product design, from performance prediction to control.

The accuracy of predicted macroscopic quantities depends on atomic scale models describing interatomic forces and how they are implemented on larger length and time scales. Conversely, end-use operational strategies will influence e.g. charge transfer and degradation characteristics at molecular level. Integration and coupling of these scales in computerised models is a constant challenge for numerical scientists and engineers.

The fundamental challenges related to the coupling of scales between different physics also set large demand on computer resources, which can be adequately addressed by HPC facilities. EoCoE ( is the European Energy oriented Centre of Excellence in computing applications devoted to foster and accelerate the European transition to a reliable low carbon energy supply, exploiting the tremendous potential of High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities in Europe for the benefit of the numerical simulation of energy technologies.

Encouraging the use of shared platforms and open source codes and librariescould further leverage the impact of more effective and product-oriented modelling approaches, to accelerate the implementation of cutting-edge technologies for realization of the energy transition.

In this workshop, the current combined potential of HPC and open source for energy technology modelling will be discussed, formulating a position paper for the creation of a stronger EU position in terms of computational science for energy applications.

The EERA (European Energy research Alliance) Joint Programme on Fuel cells and hydrogen and the IEA (International Energy Agency) Technology Network on Advanced fuel cells are keen to interact with EoCoE to know what opportunities lie in the sharing of resources, computational infrastructure and modelling know-how. Participation of numerical scientists from different energy technology fields (Fuel cells, PV, batteries) will help consolidate an interconnected, open source scientific community for freer and more fertile research.


EoCoE is a European Horizon 2020 funded project of Centre of Excellence in computing applications. It is designed to enhance numerical simulation efficiency in the international context of the High Performance Computing (HPC) challenges. It focusses its application scope towards low carbon energy domains.

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