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International HPSC TerrSys Fall School 2017

The Centre for High-Performance Scientific Computing in Terrestrial Systems (HPSC TerrSys), with support from the Energy Orientated Centre of Excellence for Computing (EoCoE WP4), offers a Fall School for Master and PhD students as well as PostDocs interested in Terrestrial Modelling and High-Performance Scientific Computing in Bonn, Germany. The school is supported by Geoverbund ABC/J and is free of charge for its members. Please register now!


The Centre for High-Performance Scientific Computing in Terrestrial Systems invites young scientists (Master or PhD students, PostDocs) to participate in the HPSC TerrSys' Fall School 2017.

The objective of this applied course is to provide the theoretical and technical context of terrestrial modeling in high-performance scientific computing (HPSC) environments utilizing stand-alone and coupled hydrologic, land surface and atmospheric models. Utilizing the Terrestrial Systems Modeling Platform (TerrSysMP), the course will take a complete tour of terrestrial modeling and HPSC in connection with real-world observations and data assimilation including
- setting up a terrestrial model and performing simulations in massively parallel supercomputer environments at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre;
- parallel performance analysis and profiling;
- parallel data assimilation using TerrSysMP-PDAF (Parallel Data Assimilation Framework);
- post-processing and visualization in the age of big data.

Keynote Speakers are
- Laura Condon, Syracuse University, U.S.A.
- Lars Nerger, Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, Germany
- Eric Maisonnave, Centre Européen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique, France
Plus more to be announced

See <> for detailed information and a PDF version of the announcement.
Application deadline: 15 May 2017 - later registrations might be considered but places are limited
Places are limited to a maximum of 30 participants.
Contact and information:

Preliminary agenda:

- Introduction to fundamentals of environmental (climate, hydrology, georesources, terrestrial systems) modeling (lectures: TBA)

- Setup of regional terrestrial models and performing simulations (hands on)
- The OASIS coupler (lecture: Eric Maisonnave, CERFACS)
- Continue morning projects and inspection of results with real data (hands on)
- Visualization and big data strategies (lectures: in-situ processing, Jens Hendrik Göbbert; big data analytics, Martin Schultz; parallel I/O, Sebastian Lührs; all Juelich Supercomputing Centre, JSC)

- Parallel performance and profiling (lecture: Markus Geimer, JSC)
- Performance and profiling analysis (hands on)

- Ensemble data assimilation (lecture: Lars Nerger, AWI)
- Ensemble data assimilation with TerrSysMP (hands on)
- Ensemble data assimilation with TerrSysMP (hands on)

Friday (optional)
- Continue projects and wrap-up (hands on)

The organizers:
Stefan Kollet (FZJ-IBG3/HPSC TerrSys)
Wendy Sharples (FZJ-JSC/HPSC TerrSys)


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