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Knowledge management & Networking strategy


This deliverable D6.3 presents: the task 6.1.6 of the EoCoE

The aim of this deliverable D6.2 is to present the current

This deliverable D6.1 gives the address, main structure of


The bi-annual face to face meeting of the Energy oriented Centre of Excellence in computing applications EoCoE will take place from April 1

The Transregional Collaborative Research Centre 32 (TR32) and the Centre of Excellence High-Performance Scientif

Joint EoCoE – EERA meeting to establish a wide collaboration framework.





Kick-off Meeting
CEA Saclay, France




Poznan, 04th-06th July 2016 Face to Face Bi-annual EoCoE project meeting
This is the bi-annual face to face meeting of the Energy oriented Centre of Excellence in computing applications EoCoE (said "Echo").
PSNC: Jana Pawla II 10, Poznan (Poland)




Rome, 30th November - 02nd December 2016 Face to Face Bi-annual EoCoE project meeting
This is the bi-annual face to face meeting of the Energy oriented Centre of Excellence in computing applications EoCoE (said "Echo").
ENEA’s Rome Headquarters




Evaluation Workshop

In a joint effort, the two centres of excellence EoCoE and PoP will once again hold a hands-on

Barcelona Supercomputing Center




Jülich Face to Face Meeting
  • Tuesday, 9 May 2017
Jülich, Germany

Knowledge management is defined in its broadest sense, not simply limited to the collection of results but to:

  • foster knowledge creation;
  • store the EoCoE results with associated knowledge;
  • disseminate, share, exchange and communicate the results and associated knowledge;
  • give training in how to use and understand the results and associated knowledge;
  • give Interpretation of the knowledge for end-users and make it more accessible;
  • turn results and associated knowledge into innovation and products.

To achieve these goals, this work package will be linked to the results and knowledge produced in the work packages of this Centre of Excellence and will interact with all relevant external stakeholders that could benefit from the results and knowledge created within EoCoE. This work package will be responsible for transferring knowledge through dissemination and training activities and work with relevant external stakeholders to develop mechanisms and structures for sustainable transfer of know-how, e.g. by providing services for computational scientists and engineers or by creating input for the development of future HPC architectures and technologies. This work will be facilitated through strategic networking activities.

The overall aim is to address the skills gap in computational science, in particular between academia and industry. In order for the full benefits of the activities of EoCoE to materialise, it is imperative that the results and knowledge be disseminated, exploited and leveraged appropriately. Of great importance is to develop a strategy not only to foster innovation within the centre, but also to improve the impact of such innovations through their transfer to industry and other stakeholders. To realise this goal a strategy and implementation policy will be developed as the establishment of suitable services is part of our business plan. The following education and training, communications and advocacy, as well as dissemination and exploitation will be undertaken at local, regional and European level:

  • Disseminate project results and integrate the centre of excellence into relevant international structures and networks, including co-operation with European structures (ETP4HPC on co-design plans, PRACE/PATCs on training plans, JRC[1] and EERA[2][3] on SET Plan implementation, ESTELA[4] for relationships with Industry, as well as the Climate/ICT/InnoEnergy KIC[5]s, EUREKA/Eurogia2020 cluster, Eu-Math-in, etc.) and with organised user communities related to the energy area both from scientific and industrial domains;
  • Support knowledge transfer to the industry and SMEs, and foster the exploitation of results (spinoffs, licensing etc.), through support and services, which will contribute to the long-term sustainability of the centre of excellence;
  • Education and training to form the next generation of academics and professionals based on the research products emanating from EoCoE;
  • Co-design activities for Exascale.

[1] EC Joint Research Centre:

[3] European Energy Research Alliance:

[4] European Solar Thermal Electricity Association:

[5] KIC = Knowledge and Innovation Communities:

EoCoE is a European Horizon 2020 funded project of Centre of Excellence in computing applications. It is designed to enhance numerical simulation efficiency in the international context of the High Performance Computing (HPC) challenges. It focusses its application scope towards low carbon energy domains.

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