EoCoE coordinator
High performance Computing, computational fluid dynamics and astrophysics.
Exascale Co-Design Team coordinator
High-performance Computing, computational plasma physics
WP1 Leader
High-performance numerical linear algebra. Parallel computing. Algorithm development and optimization. Method development in Materials Science. Data analysis and Machine Learning. High-performance tensor computations.
WP2 leader
High-performance Computing, Computational plasma physics
WP3 leader
High-Performance Computing, Fast Sparse Linear Solvers and Preconditioners, Computational and Data Science
WP5 leader
High Performance Computing - High Performance Data Analytics
WP6 leader
Computational Materials Science, project manager
Materials for Energy Scientific Challenge leader
Computational Materials Science, research scientist
Water SC Co-leader
High resolution large scale hydrologic modeling using high performance computing sources
Head of the Wind SC. Participant in nearly all WPs.
High performance Computing, Computational Fluid Dynamics and Large Eddy Simulation.
WP1 participant in Materials for Energy
Computational Materials Science. Simulations based on many-body perturbation theory. Photovoltaic materials.
WP1 participant (Water for Energy), contact person for SHEMAT-Suite code
Geothermal Reservoir Modeling, Geothermal Energy, Optimal Experimental Design
WP1 participant in Wind Scientific Challenge
LES modelling of atmospheric boundary layers and wind farms
PSB and WP3
Computational mathematics, sparse matrices, direct and hybrid methods, parallel computation
WP3 participant
Numerical Linear Algebra, Linear Solvers and Preconditioners, High-Performance Computing
WP2 participant, expert on flagship code EURAD-IM
4 dimensional variational data assimilation, particle filter, atmospheric modelling, ensemble forecasting, meteorology, atmospheric chemistry
Meteorology for Energy Scientific Challenge Leader
Energy meteorology, PV forecasting, Optical Flow
WP3 participant
High performance computing, fast and robust iterative solvers, numerical linear algebra
Liaison with EERA & Simulations on materials
HPC computing – Scheduling – Efficiency – Fault tolerance – Optimization of scientific codes – Physics of materials
T1.3.2 participant: Harvesting electricity from salinity or temperature gradients
Classical Molecular Dynamics computer simulations, materials for novel energies applications, statistical mechanics
WP3 participant
High performance linear system solver
Networking at EU level, dissemination and outreach of the project
WP6 Task 6.5
Communication, Web, Tutorials / hands-on and workshops info coordinator
WP1 & WP3 participant
High performance computing, fast and robust iterative solvers, numerical analysis, Lattice Boltzmann Methods for Wind turbines
WP1 participants (Materials for energy)
Simulation of materials for energy harvesting and storage
WP1 & WP3 participant
Plasma turbulence modelling for magnetic fusion, algorithm and code development, parallel computing
WP1 Task 1.3: Materials for energy; WP6 Dissemination & Networking; All tasks
Materials and device modelling for organic and hybrid organic-inorganic devices at the multi scale.
Research associate for Task 1.3.3: Organic and perovskite solar cells
Electronic structure calculations, Monte Carlo simulations, defects in insulators, polaronic effects