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The Project Steering Board (PSB) is responsible for the overall management and running of the project. This is the decision-making body of the project.

The Project Steering Board represents the partners. It includes one representative from each beneficiary and linked third parties, plus the Project Manager. The Project Steering Board is chaired by the Project Coordinator (PCO): Edouard Audit.

Each member of the Project Steering Board will be empowered to collectively and equally make strategic decisions during the Project Steering Board meetings.

  • Project Coordinator – Edouard Audit
  • ECG Coordinator – Paul Gibbon
  • WP1 leader – Edoardo di Napoli
  • WP2 leader – Mathieu Lobet
  • WP3leader – Pasqua D’Ambra
  • WP4 leader – Sebastian Lührs
  • WP5 leader – Bruno Raffin
  • WP6 leader – Massimo Celino
  • WP6 – Andrea Quintiliani
  • Project Manager – Julien Thelot

The Project Executive Committee is chaired by the Project Coordinator (PCO) Edouard Audit and the project manager (PM) Julien Thelot. It also gathers the WP leaders and the ECG leader for operational coordination purposes including technical follow-up, identification and follow-up of risks.

The PEC is in charge of monitoring the scientific and technical work in the project and to ensure proper coordination between all WP. The Executive Committee has an advisory capacity and is in charge of making strategic recommendations towards the Project Steering Board about the main objectives of the project.

Edoardo Di Napoli – Forschungszentrum Jülich
Edouard Audit – MdlS CEA
Hendrik Elbern – Forschungszentrum Jülich
Herbert Owen – BSC
Massimo Celino – ENEA
Andrea Quintiliani – ENEA
Bruno Raffin – INRIA
Mathieu Lobet – MdlS CEA
Paul Gibbon – Forschungszentrum Jülich
Pasqua D’Ambra – CNR
Stefan Kollet – Forschungszentrum Jülich
Sebastian Lührs – Forschungszentrum Jülich
Yanick Sarazin – CEA

The Exascale Co-design Group (ECG) is the co-design core of the project. The ECG is animated and fostered by the ECG-leader: Paul Gibbon and is composed of the project manager, the project coordinator, the Scientific Challenge leaders and the Work Package leaders.

It initiates and oversees technical discussions and cooperation between WPs when mission-critical application design decisions are needed. The ECG is composed of technical experts from all WPs, providing a direct communication channel between application developers, HPC experts and mathematical algorithm specialists, and to ensure that a strong co-design ethic is followed by all project partners.

The Advisory Committee (AC) is composed of external scientists and experts relevant to the various fields of expertise of EoCoE and of representative of industries and SMEs for which the EoCoE project is relevant.

The members of the Advisory Committee have an advisory capacity and are in charge of making strategic recommendations towards the project, especially for the project’s scientific aspects and for the production and dissemination of results and know-how.

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