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All Public Deliverables from Project EoCoE-I are provided at the following links.


D1.1 Triggered Application Support

D1.3 Application Support Outcome

D1.4 Application Support Outcome

D1.7 Software Technology Improvement

D1.8 Software Technology Improvement

D1.11 Applied Research Activities

D1.12 Applied Research Activities

D1.15 Application Performance Evaluation

D1.16 Application Performance Evaluation

D1.17 Application Performance Evaluation

D1.18 Application Performance Evaluation


D2.2 Ultralarge Meteorological Ensemble

D2.6 Formulation for Optimization under Uncertainty

D2.8 Improved Gridded Wind Speed Forecasts by Statistical Postprocessing of Numerical Models with Block Regression

D2.9 Paper on GHI Forecasting

D2.10 GHI Forecasts at Local Scale

D2.11 Calibration of Wind Speed Ensemble System Prediction


D3.1 Porting of Codes and Atomic Scale Congurations

D3.2 Optimization of Methods

D3.3 Properties and Characterization of Materials

D3.4 Application Lines – Benchmark and Results


D4.2 Analysis of temperature rangese and fluid flow rates in a 3D subsurface model 

D4.3 Layout of an Energy Supply System for Teveren based on Geothermal Direct-heat


D5.1 Flux Surface Meshing Software-specification report

D5.2 Tokamesh a Software for Mesh Generation in Tokamaks

D5.4 Towards the Coupling of Gyrokinetic and Fluid Codes

D5.5 Towards Iter Relevant Simulations


D6 Final conference report

D6.1 Eocoe Web Platform

D6.2 Education Course materials and platform

D6.3 Annual Thematic Report: year 1

D6.5 Third Annual Thematic Report workshops: year 3

D6.12 delivery of 4 short movies on WP1 to 5

D6.13-M24-Training-Revised after.F2F.meeting

D6.14-M24-Report on Co-Design

D6.15 Final conference report

D6.16 Delivery of one long movie of Eocoe overall results