Eocoe II Deliverable

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D1.1 Scientific objectives and roadmap

D1.2 First scientific results and progress on exascale tools

D1.3 Final scientific results and exascale tools delivery

D2.1 Application starter outcome

D2.2-M18 Programming models

D2.2 Application mid-term report for WP2 programming models

D2.3 Application final report for WP2 programming models


D3.1 LA solvers

D3.2-M18 Preliminary Results LA Solvers

D3.3 Updated results LA solvers

D3.4 Final versions of LA solvers with documentation and performance evaluation


D4.1 Intermediate report on IO improvement for EoCoE codes

D4.2 Report on data interface and in-situ capabilities

D4.3 Report on I_O optimization and fault tolerance

D4.4 Final report on I/O improvement for EoCoE codes


D5.1 Melissa-DA_Rev-1-5-2021

D5.2-M24 Melissa-DA Stable

D5.3 Melissa-DA: Final Code Release


D6.1-M3-EoCoE-II Web platform final

D6.2 Report on agreed dissemination strategy

D6.3-M18 Disseminaton Communication Networking

D6.3 Assessment report on dissemination, communication and networking

D 6.4 Assessment report on dissemination, communication and networking (includes contributions from all tasks)

D 6.5 Joint EERA and EoCoE position paper on HPCfor Energy

D 6.6 Data Management Handbook


D7.1 Project Handbook draft 2019.07

D7.2 First ECG Report

D7.3-M17 Mid-term Impact_Revised

D 7.4 Riskassessment contingency plan

D 7.5 Final report of the exascale co-design group

D 7.6 Sustainability plan

D7.7 Final Impact Assessment report

D 7.8 Report on cumulative expenditure incurred