EoCoE Consortium meeting

The Energy-oriented Center of Excellence will hold a consortium meeting, with 18 public scientific
talks on Monday and Tuesday, June 14 and 15.
These presentations, which will mostly be given by young researchers, will cover most of the topics
relevant to the EoCoE center of excellence. Challenges both technical and linked to application domains
will be addressed, and we are confident these talks will give an extensive view of how HPC-fueled
simulation is evolving, to ultimately benefit the move towards a decarbonized energy ecosystem.

Day 1: Monday, June 14 (13.30-17.45) – public session
Zoom access: https://zoom.us/j/92400950520?pwd=dWtaQ2psTjhCQUgyNEkwbS9EZkJQZz09
Meeting ID : 924 0095 0520
Code : 101513

13.30-13.45 Edouard Audit (CEA): Welcome + overview of the meeting
13.45-14.10 Kyle Reeves (CEA): “Investigating the structural and electrochemical properties of
biredox ionic liquids in acetonitrile via first-principles simulations”
14.10-14.35 Gilles Marait (INRIA): “Sparse linear solvers in a HPC reproducible environment”
14.35-15.00 Gerard Guillamet (BSC): “Fluid structure simulation for wind energy using Alya
15.00-15.25 Jaro Hokkanen (FZJ): “Performance Portability on HPC Accelerator Architectures
with Modern Techniques: The ParFlow Blueprint”
15.25-15.40 Break (15 min.)
15.40-16.05 Sebastian Friedemann (INRIA): “EnKF Data Assimilation for ParFlow with
Melissa-DA. WP5 work with the Hydrology Scientific Challenge”
16.05-16.30 Abdeselam El Haman Abdeselam (ULB): “Porting an aggregation-based algebraic
multigrid method to GPUs”
16.30-16.55 José Fonseca (CEA) : “Local grid refinement in Parflow: discretization extensions.”
16.55-17.20 Bibi S. Naz (FZJ): “Evaluating hydrologic response to groundwater representation in
high-resolution pan-European multi-model simulations”
17.20-17.45 Konstantinos Chasapis (DDN): “Integration of Parallel I/O Library and Flash Native
Accelerators: An Evaluation of SIONlib with IME”

Day 2: Tuesday, June 15 (9.00-13.30) – public session
Zoom access: https://zoom.us/j/97648298475?pwd=TW9nS0lYbFA5bTRYc2Jab21SWXFYZz09
Meeting ID : 976 4829 8475
Code : 340069

9.00-9.05 Foreword (5 min.)
9.05-9.30 Kai Keller, (BSC): “Large Scale Particle Filters for WRF coupling Melissa-DA and
9.30-9.55 Christian Witzler (JSC): “PDI2SENSEI- easier in-situ visualisation”
9.55-10.20 Helen Schottenhamml (FAU): “Actuator-Line simulation of wind turbines using the
Lattice Boltzmann Method”
10.20-10.55 Speaker TBD – topic will be Fusion-related
10.55-11.10 Break (15 min.)
11.10-11.35 Florian Dupuy (Meteo France): “Calibration of ensemble forecasts using
convolutional neural networks”
11.35-12.00 Herbert Owen (BSC): “Recent advances in Alya for Wind energy”
12.00-12.25 Andrea Galletti (UNITN): “Detailed representation of hydropower systems in a large
Alpine watershed: modelling approach and scalability”
12.25-12.50 Mathew Wolf (UBath): “Efficient and flexible computational tools for simulating
charge carrier dynamics in novel semiconductor devices”
12.50-13.15 Vincent Darrigrand (CNRS): “Performance improvements in domain decomposition
method through novel features in sparse direct solvers”
13.15-13.30 Edouard Audit (CEA): Conclusion

Watch the video recording of each talk